The 20 Best Gifts for People Who Love Learning New Things

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  • For some, experiential gifts that satisfy curiosity are more exciting than material items.
  • We rounded up some of the best gifts for the voracious readers and learners in your life.
  • They include books, online classes, and subscriptions such as MasterClass and Audible Plus.

Shopping for gifts is easy when you know someone has a penchant for puns or desperately needs a new suitcase. It’s a little more challenging when the recipient is generally less into material goods and seems more thrilled by educational gifts like books or experiential presents like classes.

Luckily, there are plenty of unique presents for the voracious learners and readers out there. From engaging history books to online drawing classes to subscriptions like MasterClass, there are plenty of gifts for people who are always looking to learn something new.

20 perfect gifts for people who love learning new things

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Author : Julia Pugachevsky


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